The Special Features of Palms Casino Resort

The Special Features of Palms Casino Resort

The Special Features of Palms Casino Resort

Casino resorts attract many travelers who spend their leisure time in the fascinating city of Las Vegas in Nevada. These business establishments offer luring gambling amenities to get the attention of tourists and gamblers. Some give rewards to their guests just to convince them to stay in their resorts. Among all the casino resorts in Las Vegas, Palms Casino offers the most luring facilities and games to travelers.

Palms Casino is one of the enticing casino resorts in the city. To have knowledge about the gaming floor of Palms Casino, this article will enumerate and discuss the special features in this gambling establishment.

Entertaining Table Games

The casino houses many table games like pai gow, roulette and craps. To attract more gamblers, Palms Casino also features three types of baccarat, which are traditional or classic baccarat, mini baccarat and big baccarat. Gamblers can also play Let It Ride and Elimination Blackjack in this casino resort.

Progressive Slot Machines

Palms Casino is proud to announce that it features the best slot machines in the entire city of Las Vegas. Progressive slot machines at this casino resort give better payouts than slots in other casinos. The slot machines in Palms Casino use advance systems so players will not experience hassles when they play the game.

Comfortable Race and Sports Gambling Room

Players will have relaxing gaming experience in this room because it is spacious and it has good ambiance. The room can accommodate 140 gamblers at a time. In addition, they will have a memorable experience at the casino since its race and sports gambling room has interactive stations where they can place their bets.


Limit and No Limit Poker Rooms

Bets in lower limit poker rooms at Palms Casino range from $2 to $8. The bets depend on the type of poker that gamblers will play. On the other hand, in no limit poker rooms the usual bets placed by players range from $100 to $500.

Club Palms

Because Palms Casino values its clients, it introduces Club Palms. Members of Club Palms receive cash letters as well as free loose slots and video poker tickets or chips. Through Club Palms, Palms Casino regularly updates its clients about the latest offerings in its gaming floor.

Because of the special features of Palms Casino Resort, many gamblers from other countries allot time to visit this gaming establishment. Players and gamblers who stay at the resort for several days also have access to other recreational facilities of Palms Casino Resort. With such offerings, Palms Casino Resort is surely one of the outstanding casino resorts in Las Vegas.