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euroslot multigame


*SUPERMAN* Slot Bonus – GREAT WIN!! (Rare game?)

*SUPERMAN* Slot Bonus – GREAT WIN!! (Rare game?)


NetEnt proud AllBright finalist for the third year running

Finalists gathered earlier this week for the annual AllBright Award, which was awarded to the publicly listed company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange that had best achieved equality within their organization. NetEnt was the only large cap company that reached the finals and is the only company that has qualified as a finalist for three years in a row.

Per Eriksson, CEO of NetEnt says, “We are proud and pleased to be recognized for such an important issue. We have been working strategically for several years with our goal of achieving a 50/50 balance of men and women throughout the organization by year 2020. The AllBright nomination is proof that our work is producing results. Our diversity work is an important part of our culture and a must for us to attract the right skills and to continue our growth journey. But we are not going to lean back and be satisfied now, we still have work left before we reach our goal.

To say that the gaming industry is male-dominated is an understatement. On the other hand, it can be noted that NetEnt, the tech company that ranks highest on the AllBright list, stands out from the crowd with its 38% female employees. Over the years, NetEnt has strategically worked with gender equality, and one can see the biggest improvement in balance among its managers. Today, NetEnt has a 50/50 balanced senior management team and 36% of its female employees in management positions.

NetEnt believes that gender equality and diversity are the key factors for continued success and for maintaining a strong innovation culture. “My experience is that diverse groups perform and work better together. Reaching 50/50 by 2020 is a long-term strategy that is important for achieving our overall growth and goals” Per Eriksson concludes. 

This year’s winner is Humana. For more information about the finalists and the AllBright prize:

For additional information please contact:

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How To Spend £6.3 Million By One Lucky Jackpot Slot Winner

Whenever we get new Millionaire slot winner stories on, the players are notoriously shy about their wins.

Mostly, these are just folks like you and I who have no idea how to even start spending such a fortune.

Enter Neil from Aberdeen, Scotland, who was more than happy to share the moment he won and what he’s going to do with the money.

In fact, reading his list, it’s a perfect ‘to do’ list of what you should do if you ever find yourself with a bucket load of unexpected cash.

But first: how he won his casino fortune

On Friday 24th of November 2017, Neil was at home one evening, with little to do.

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His wife and kids where watching TV next door, so he decided to open up the laptop in the Kitchen and look for some entertainment.

Why he picked the Casumo online casino

He’d never played before, but he’d seen a few adverts and decided to try them out. It looked like a fun site, and he wanted to see what the buzz was all about this unusual gaming Casumo casino.

So he registered and used the 20 free spins no deposit bonus to have a look around.

Clearly he liked what he saw, because he then made a small deposit of £30, which with the 100% welcome bonus, he turned into £60 of game playing time.

The Hall of Gods slot jackpot was just too inviting…

He started playing on several slot machines, but it wasn’t till he hit a special bonus that he decided that he wanted to up his stakes.

Hall Of Gods Slot Machine With Millionaire Making Jackpot Prize
Hall Of Gods Slot Machine With Millionaire Making Jackpot Prize

He saw that the Hall of Gods Jackpot was at an enticing £6,373,373.23 and figured a few spins would do not harm.

At 21:45pm he placed his first and only £4 bet on this NetEnt jackpot slot. At 21:46pm he was a millionaire.

It took several minutes, and his wife double checking he wasn’t going mad, for it finally sunk in.

How to spend your first multi-million casino win

At this point, most new millionaires head off into a mountain of booze/cocaine/orgies and realise they can have a brand new life.

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Or at least, we assume so, because most new millionaires don’t tend to reveal how they will spend millions. More than likely because it’s such ridiculous sums that pretty much anything is possible.

Well Neil knew exactly where to start, and to be honest, we think it’s a pretty good list anyone should follow.

1. Spend it on what you love

Hey, your the millionaire now. You decided to gamble your money, take a spin on the slot machine, and got lucky.

You deserve to treat yourself, which is exactly where Neil is going to start.

A long time Liverpool FC fan, the first thing he will buy himself is a season ticket or a box so he can go enjoy the game he loves as often as he want throughout the year.

Who cares if Aberdeen isn’t exactly close to Liverpool. He can hire a helicopter and get him to the matches, with time to spare.

Hell, he can buy a helicopter and not even make a dent in his £6.3 million.

2. Spend it on who you love

The second thing Neil did after his wife confirmed he hadn’t gone totally mad, was call his parents.

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“When it finally sank in I called mum and dad. From my voice they knew something was up… Then I wrote down the entire win on single pieces of paper, laid it on the floor and when they came over I asked them to guess what it was. They thought it was a lottery number!”

Showing that gratitude starts at home, he’s going to give the people who raise him a holiday home in their favourite place in the world; Tenerife.

“They’ll love it. And I’ll take my kids to Disney, then go and see my sister in Australia.” Neil continued happily.

3. Spend it on those who need it

Proving that just because you’ve got a fortune doesn’t mean you have to turn into an asshole, Neil knows that a big part of his win needs to go towards helping others.

And not just his family; as a long time member of Macmillan Cancer Research, he’ll be looking to donate a slice of his win to charity.

Call it good will, good karma, or just being a good person, it’s often worth remembering that not everyone is as lucky as you are.

Congrats to a deserving Casumo casino winner

It clearly couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Neil and his family are about to start a new chapter in their life where anything is possible.

And this isn’t the first multi-millionaire created by Casumo casino.

This year alone, they’ve made 4 others millionaires thanks to their wide choice of slot game studios and providers giving them the biggest and best slots.

You might not become a millionaire within an hour of registering, like Neil did, but who knows?

You might have fun on a great phone casino site that always surprises us.


IGT’s 5 Times Pay, five line reel slot win

IGT’s 5 Times Pay, five line reel slot win


lucky slot 777 hd обзор игры андроид game rewiew android

lucky slot 777 hd обзор игры андроид game rewiew android


Karl Slatoff from Take-Two Claims Loot Boxes Are Not Form of Gambling

Mr. Slatoff also shared his projections for the gaming landscape over the upcoming years. He spoke of the various aspects of the gaming industry and paid extra attention to the ever-growing online gaming operations. He said he sees the future of gaming in online gaming and explained that the gaming …


Caesars selling Harrah’s Las Vegas

Caesars is ready to seal a real estate sale and leaseback agreement with VICI Properties, the REIT created after Caesar's reorganisation last month. Caesars is selling Harrah's Las Vegas to VICI for $1.14bn in cash and will pay VICI $87.4m in annual rent initially and more during the life of the15-year …


Old slot machine 5 cent Jennings for sale or trade SOLD $600

Old slot machine 5 cent Jennings for sale or trade SOLD 0


IGT Masques Of San Marco Slot Review: Big Wins, Jackpots, Bonus Rounds

IGT Masques Of San Marco Slot Review: Big Wins, Jackpots, Bonus Rounds